Coaching with Sonali

Sonali makes her years of corporate experience count as she gets to the heart of what challenges leaders in being effective, inclusive and creating a psychologically safe team climate. Her coaching sessions have been called eye-opening, reassuring, inspiring and impactful. 

Talk to Sonali for a 6-month personalised coaching engagement on the following key areas of work and leadership.

Senior leaders stepping into inclusive leadership

Inclusive Leadership is about adding to your leadership skills, so you can respond to a diverse work environment, and become a leader people feel comfortable engaging with.

Best suited to:

  • Senior and executive leaders in diverse organisations
  • Team leaders needing to adapt to diverse teams
  • Those struggling to lead confidently in diversity

You will receive guidance on how to:

  • Make meaning of different kinds of diversity at work
  • Understand your behaviour hot buttons as a leader
  • Safely examine biases and how these may impact others
  • Learn inclusive practices best suited to your position
  • Practice inclusion in your day-to-day leadership
  • Communicate to create team psychological safety

D&I Professionals and diversity program leaders

Diversity & Inclusion professionals can find it hard to balance the competing priorities of a diversity portfolio, this could help finding your anchors and prioritising your time.

Best suited to:

  • Current diversity, equity & inclusion leads at work
  • Aspiring or newly appointed D&I heads or leaders
  • Those tasked with D&I as an additional responsibility

You will receive guidance on how to:

  • Reduce overwhelm and structure your responsibilities
  • Understand your diversity hot button issues at work
  • Safely challenge your assumptions and grow into the role
  • Learn to recognise and respectfully interrupt biases at work
  • Hold others accountable and have tough conversations
  • Push back on unreasonable demands and seek balance

Women who lead or stepping into senior roles

Women can find themselves alone or spotlighted at work when they get promoted and may not have role models and mentors who can help them through new challenges.

Best suited to:

  • Current senior and executive women leaders
  • Rising middle-management women leaders
  • Those informally tasked with leadership at work

You will receive guidance on how to:

  • Find a sense of direction and purpose in your role
  • Clarify your leadership values and intentions at work
  • Rediscover and reframe your sense of confidence
  • Boost your leadership reputation and presence
  • Communicate like a leader in tough situations
  • Create meaningful connections and expand influence

Non-executive Directors and Board members

Board Directors can often find themselves challenged on the D&I front through vocal and aware employees, alert customers, stakeholders, and D&I advocates and leaders.

Best suited to:

  • Board Directors and Chairs of Corporate Boards
  • New Board Directors with no prior experience
  • Those tasked with leading committees and governance

You will receive guidance on how to:

  • Rise into diversity and inclusion related strategy
  • Connect Board responsibilities with D&I outcomes
  • Clarify your stance on D&I and related matters
  • Find inclusive practices best suited to your position
  • Get comfortable with diversity related conflicts
  • Weave inclusion and diversity into governance goals

Coaching testimonial

“Sonali came into my professional life at a time when I really needed someone to guide and mentor me in my new role as Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator. At all times, Sonali came prepared with questions, materials and resources that were best practice and commercially cutting edge. I cannot thank her enough for the way in which she gently encouraged me to develop my confidence in my role by helping me to analyse DEI issues at Future Super with fresh eyes. All the very best Sonali, I cannot wait to see how your consultancy evolves over the coming years!” – Lydia H, D&I Officer, Future Super