We accept assignments that will help clarify and shape your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy and related Plans. Please contact us to know more and have a conversation.

Sonali D’silva leads these consulting assignments and has deep experience in engaging with executive leaders, Board Directors, and HR and D&I leads on wide-ranging projects. Her approach is consultative, empathetic, transparent and one that supports inclusion for all.

Receive informed guidance, researched materials, confidential consultations with employees, comprehensive reports and design of draft plans, strategy and charters.

D&I Strategy and Planning

  • Understand where you are with your D&I strategy, or if you are starting out


  • Clarify your vision and what a diverse & inclusive organisation means for you


  • Distil key focus areas from the vast priorities of diversity, equity and inclusion


  • Engage employees in confidential consultations to hear their voice


  • Receive a comprehensive report on D&I perceptions and desired actions


  • Lean on the expertise of a credible consultant to speak to your senior leaders


  • Participate in co-creating and owning your customised strategy and plan of action

Gender Equality Planning

  • Allow an expert to understand where you are at with your gender equality journey


  • Share your specific challenges in a safe and consultative environment


  • Allow women (and all genders) to share their thoughts with an objective listener


  • Benefit from hearing the voice of your women and allies via a confidential process


  • Receive a comprehensive gender equality status report with valuable insights


  • Have an expert present consultation findings to your executive leaders/Board


  • Participate in co-creating and owning an actionable gender equality plan

Inclusive Practices

  • Clarify organisational understanding of inclusion and what it can mean at work
  • Explore the various kinds of inclusion and practices available to you


  • Involve employees in informing how they understand inclusion and belonging


  • Benefit from knowing what inclusion, belonging and respect mean at work


  • Receive an in-depth report conveying what inclusion can be at your organisation


  • Design programs and messaging based on this robust and customised foundation


  • Participate in co-creating an inclusive practices charter/strategy to guide future actions

Here are all the reasons you can get in touch with Sonali. We could then explore working together in areas where her involvement could benefit the organisation. Thank you!

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    Be a Keynote Speaker at an upcoming conference
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    Present at an internal leadership or D&I event
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    Facilitate a training workshop for your people
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    Discuss a consulting project for your organisation
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    Media contribution on relevant topics
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    Write for your publication or magazine

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