Online and Self-paced Courses

Are you a busy professional who prefers to join a self-paced, practical and short learning course? Check out the following online courses facilitated by Sonali D’silva. Sonali has 20+ years of experience as a leader and educator in the leadership development, diversity and inclusion space. 

What you can expect:

  • A conversational learning style
  • Relatable stories and real work examples
  • Science-backed tools and methods
  • Practical strategies to make a change
  • Short, accessible, clear and actionable

Creating Psychological Safety in Teams

Helping your team take interpersonal risks with confidence and respect.

Leading with Inclusion in a Diverse Workplace

Developing inclusive leadership skills for a diverse team and workplace.

Recognising and Managing Leadership Biases

Learning to spot and interrupt your decision biases to lead with fairness and inclusion.

Developing Inclusive Recruitment Processes

Transitioning into inclusive recruitment to expand and diversify your talent pool.

Raising Diversity & Inclusion Awareness at Work

Creating awareness for kinds of diversity at work and including those differences.

Starting as a Diversity & Inclusion Professional

Receiving the guidance, clarity and inspiration you need to start a career in D&I.

Cultivating Team Inclusion and Belonging

Helping teams develop appreciation and respect for mutual differences at work.

Leading a Multigenerational and Diverse Team

Responding to generational diversity with empathy, awareness and insight.

Leading With Empathy and Awareness

Leading teams with head and heart in a diverse and dynamic workplace.

Calling Out Unconscious Biases at Work

Developing the language and steps to safely call out bias and encourage inclusion.

Communicating With Inclusion and Respect

Engaging a diverse team through inclusive communication skills and practices.

Leadership Skills for New Team Leaders

Becoming a competent and confident first time team leader or manager.

Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

Using science-backed techniques to offer actionable and respectful feedback.

Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

Using coaching principles to support, encourage and develop your team.

Having Difficult Conversations at Work

Learning to engage with tough but important conversations to resolve conflict.