Speaking and Short Presentations

Lift up your next internal conference, women’s gathering or leadership retreat with Sonali to recharge and inspire your people. Sonali is a highly engaging speaker and storyteller who genuinely connects with her audiences and gives them a reason to practice inclusion and value diversity at work.

Sonali gets to the heart of why organisations and teams are incomplete without inclusion. She makes it participative and practical to be inclusive, so everyone can feel safe, respected and belong at their workplace.

Sonali’s work is valued by organisations on themes of inclusive leadership, women’s leadership, inclusion and belonging, and how leaders and teams can thrive in a diverse, changing and complex work environment.  

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– Developing Inclusive Leadership

– Psychological Safety and belonging

– Advancing Women into Leadership

– Creating an Inclusive Work Culture


Sample Presentation Topics

How to Lead with Inclusion In a Diverse Workplace

Many leaders could lead with more inclusion if only they knew how. These leadership shifts are often not as complicated as imagined and seem tough only from a distance. This presentation will position inclusive leadership as an accessible and attainable skill set for leaders.

What your audience will learn

  • How leadership expectations have shifted at work
  • Being aware of the people benefits of inclusion
  • Addressing the everyday obstacles to inclusion
  • Discovering why teams do better when included
  • Learning practical strategies to lead with inclusion

Creating Psychological Safety and Belonging at Work

Know what helps teams experience emotional safety at work and why. Safety allows a team to take interpersonal risks without fearing judgement or rejection. Learn to take actions that instil psychological safety and belonging, and help people to be fully present and engaged.

What your audience will learn

  • How psychological safety impacts teams
  • Creating a respectful and safe workplace
  • What triggers lack of psychological safety
  • Why safe teams are also high performing
  • Learning to create and sustain safety at work

Developing a Culture of Connection and Belonging

A disconnected and disengaged team often falls into lack of commitment and low performance. Help your leaders to make belonging a tangible action, identify moments of disconnection and find meaningful ways to offer connection and belonging to a team.

What your audience will learn

  • What a culture of belonging looks like
  • Why teams need to feel belonged at work
  • Detecting the early signs of disconnection
  • Fuelling inclusion through engagement
  • Leadership actions that accelerate belonging

Interrupting and Managing Leadership Biases

Learn about the five key decision-making biases that get in the way of leaders and prevent them from being inclusive, fair, empathetic and accountable. Learn smart ways to identify and interrupt these biases before they derail leadership efforts or exclude your team.

What your audience will learn

  • How unconscious biases affect decisions
  • Five decision biases every leader should know
  • Learning effective ways to interrupt biases
  • Discovering ideas to jumpstart inclusion
  • Making progress on inclusive leadership

Building Inclusive and Diverse Teams

Having diversity alone is not enough, and leaders need to have the tools that enable team inclusion, so everyone can deliver on the promise of diversity. Learn how inclusive leaders activate differences to create an energising, inspiring and inclusive work environment.

What your audience will learn

  • Why diversity is incomplete without inclusion
  • How to put inclusion before diversity
  • Learning high impact inclusive practices
  • Getting your team onboard with diversity
  • Activating differences and raising inclusion

Advancing Leadership and Opportunity for Women

Find smart ways to get around the age-old issues of women getting stalled in their careers at work. While hiring more women is a clear goal, learn to create pathways for inclusion and equal opportunity for women to thrive and advance into leadership and influence.

What your audience will learn

  • What gender equality really means at work
  • Involving men in advancing women’s leadership
  • Harnessing mentoring and sponsorship
  • Adopting powerful retention strategies
  • Creating a sense of gender inclusion at work

Developing Visible Women Leaders

Women leaders often face different relationship and perception challenges compared to men at work. Learn about how women can reframe confidence in a way that interrupts imposter syndrome and propels genuine connections and expands women’s influence.

What your audience will learn

  • What makes women more visible at work
  • Reframing confidence and self-worth at work
  • Finding ways to be visible on your terms
  • Clarifying your leadership values and strengths
  • Moving from networking to connecting

Client Testimonials

Through AITD, I had the privilege of co-hosting an amazing webinar delivered by Sonali, called ‘Activating an Inclusive Learning Experience'. Sonali’s depth and breadth of knowledge around D&I is quite simply incredible. Her webinar uncovers varying types of facilitation, which are important...
Jennifer W.
Fmr. Programs Manager | Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)
Sonali facilitated a team session for our group as part of a team day. Her approach is curious, energetic and positive. Sonali and I had a number of open and pragmatic conversations prior to the day, informing her approach and the material covered. She led an engaging and thought-provoking...
Claire P.
Manager Studies | BHP, Olympic Dam Asset Projects
Sonali’s knowledge and passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is second to none. Her professional yet relatable approach to her workshops allows her to connect to all her participants in a very unique way. This in turn means that the learning is absorbed and understood regardless of your...
Alex J.
Infrastructure Manager | La Marzocco Australia
Sonali presented at Beyond Bank Australia ‘In Conversations with D&I” speaking about the topic of Inclusion to our employees. She is an inspiring presenter who speaks authentically, sharing numerous personal experiences around the topic of Inclusion and giving simple practical strategies for our...
Deborah B R.
Fmr. Organisational Development Manager | Beyond Bank Australia
I can unhesitatingly provide a high recommendation for Sonali. She has advanced skills and knowledge in designing and facilitating leadership programs for a range of audiences. Sonali has been a part of our panel of expert facilitators and delivered successful leadership programs for our clients...
Joanna C.
Fmr. Programs Manager | PACE at the University of Adelaide
I recommend Sonali D'silva for designing and developing inclusive leadership development programs. Sonali supported Arup to present a seven-module program across Southeast Asia - opening hearts and minds to the leadership qualities and behaviours which enable inclusive teams.
Abbie W.
Diversity & Inclusion Associate | Arup