Sonali designs and delivers actionable and engaging workshops for leaders and teams on raising diversity and inclusion awareness, learning inclusive practices, leading with inclusion and creating psychological safety in teams.


Sonali’s learning approach is informed by research and brought to life with her engaging storytelling and rich cultural and leadership experiences. She often hears how her workshops take people by surprise because they weren’t expecting to feel as engaged, thoughtful and energised on a topic most people are hesitant to discuss. That is something you can be assured of when you invite Sonali to speak or train for an audience of any size.

Here are Sonali’s most popular workshops that have attracted hundreds of participants. Please talk to us if you are looking for a customised workshop on a related topic.

IGNITE – Leading with Inclusion

Leading effectively in a diverse workplace requires leaders to view their competence through the lens of inclusion and empathy. This workshop can enable leaders to leverage differences and lead with inclusion and belonging for better decision-making, higher collaboration and more innovation. Learn how your leadership can be more inclusive.

What participants will learn

  • Discover the key people benefits of leading with inclusion
  • Know how to lead differences with inclusion and belonging
  • Recognise and interrupt key decision-making biases
  • Learn practical skills to lead with inclusion and belonging

SPARK - Raising D&I Awareness at Work

Team leaders and their teams can benefit from being on the same page on what Diversity and Inclusion mean at work. Building awareness of workplace diversity can raise their confidence to respond with accountability, empathy, engagement and inclusion. This workshop will raise awareness, facilitate team conversations and help activate inclusion.

What participants will learn

  • Strengthen inclusion and diversity awareness at work
  • Deepen understanding of the purpose and benefits of D&I
  • Discover everyday biases and how to interrupt them
  • Learn inclusive communication practices that work

SYNERGY – Creating Psychological Safety in Teams

When teams can feel psychologically safe at the workplace, engagement, commitment and team performance begin to rise. Safety allows a team to take interpersonal risks without fearing judgement or rejection. Learn to take actions that instil psychological safety and help your people to be fully present and engaged at work, and use their best talents.

What participants will learn

  • Know what psychologically safe teams look like
  • Clarify your role as a leader in creating safety
  • Understand why safety fuels higher performance
  • Strategies to create psychological safety at work

THRIVE – Creating a Culture of Inclusion & Belonging

Teams need a culture that supports mutual differences at work and thrives with respect, safety, empathy, courage, curiosity, humility and accountability – all ingredients of inclusive teams. It’s vital for teams and their leaders to develop awareness and appreciation of differences, so everyone can belong and feel like they are seen, heard and that they matter.

What participants will learn

  • Discover and appreciate each other’s strategic differences
  • Support the team to engage with respect and confidence
  • Learn inclusive communication to drive team belonging
  • Promote psychological safety to tap into mutual strengths

SHINE - Developing Visible Women Leaders

Women can often face different challenges than men as they navigate their career progression and step into leadership. Organisational cultures and gender norms also affect the way women are expected to achieve leadership outcomes at work. This workshop uses researched outcomes to help professional women strengthen their leadership visibility.

What participants will learn

  • Clarify one’s leadership visibility and intentions at work
  • Learn to communicate professional value and stay visible
  • Rediscover and reframe your sense of confidence
  • Know how to connect and grow your leadership influence

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Client Testimonials

Through AITD, I had the privilege of co-hosting an amazing webinar delivered by Sonali, called ‘Activating an Inclusive Learning Experience'. Sonali’s depth and breadth of knowledge around D&I is quite simply incredible. Her webinar uncovers varying types of facilitation, which are important...
Jennifer Waltmon
Former Programs Manager | Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD)
Sonali facilitated a team session for our group as part of a team day. Her approach is curious, energetic and positive. Sonali and I had a number of open and pragmatic conversations prior to the day, informing her approach and the material covered. She led an engaging and thought-provoking...
Claire Pocock
Manager Studies | BHP, Olympic Dam Asset Projects
Sonali’s knowledge and passion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is second to none. Her professional yet relatable approach to her workshops allows her to connect to all her participants in a very unique way. This in turn means that the learning is absorbed and understood regardless of your...
Alex Jennings
Infrastructure Manager | La Marzocco Australia
Sonali presented at Beyond Bank Australia ‘In Conversations with D&I” speaking about the topic of Inclusion to our employees. She is an inspiring presenter who speaks authentically, sharing numerous personal experiences around the topic of Inclusion and giving simple practical strategies for our...
Deborah Beltrame-Ross
Organisational Development Manager | Beyond Bank Australia
I can unhesitatingly provide a high recommendation for Sonali. She has advanced skills and knowledge in designing and facilitating leadership programs for a range of audiences. Sonali has been a part of our panel of expert facilitators and delivered successful leadership programs for our clients...
Joanna Carrick
Former Programs Manager | PACE at the University of Adelaide
I recommend Sonali D'silva for designing and developing inclusive leadership development programs. Sonali supported Arup to present a seven-module program across Southeast Asia - opening hearts and minds to the leadership qualities and behaviours which enable inclusive teams.
Abbie Wright
Diversity & Inclusion Associa te | Arup